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Clos du Marquis

Classification: Grand Cru From Chateau Leoville Las Cases

Clos du Marquis LabelClos du Marquis has been produced by Chateau Leoville Las Cases since 1902. The Marquis referred to in the name is the Marquis de Las Cases Beauvoir who inherited the Château before the French Revolution. During the Revolution the Marquis, fearing for his life, was forced to flee France and as a consequence the Leoville estate was broken up. This gave birth to the 3 separate Châteaux Leoville Barton, Leoville Las Cases and Leoville Poyferré. Léoville Las Cases is the largest of these 3 châteaux and is now without doubt the leading estate in Saint Julien. The Delon family have owned it since the mid 20th century and have run the estate now for 5 generations.

Clos du Marquis has the ability to challenge many other châteaux of the Medoc. Indeed, it is the equal of most 3rd, 4th and 5th Growths and has been an outstanding performer for many years.

As Clos du Marquis hails from a separate vineyard it is a separate cuvée – and not a Second Wine. The grapes are grown in the Petit Clos (Clos meaning an enclosed garden or field) which is surrounded on all sides by other Second Growths. The Petit Clos vineyard is to the south of the Leoville Las Cases Grand Clos vines and covers 12 acres. It is planted with 57% Cabernet Sauvignon, 38% Merlot, 3% Petit Verdot and 2% Cabernet Franc.

Wine Style:

Clos du Marquis is made with much more Merlot than the Grand Vin of Château Leoville Las Cases and is a rich, creamy smooth wine. It is well balanced and the tannins are well integrated. The dark purple wine has the flavours of over ripe blackberries and raspberries with leather over tones. It is a layered and complex wine and is well structured.

Owner: Jean Hubert Delon (also owns Château Potensac and Nenin)
Chateau Website:
Oenologist: J & E Boissenot