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Mathilde de La Fleur Morange

Classification: Second Wine of Château La Fleur Morange

Mathlide Wine LabelMathilde is the second wine of Château La Fleur Morange, named after Jean-Francois and Véronique Julien's daughter, and is produced from the same 100 year old vines and terroir as the Grand Vin. Château La Fleur Morange is a boutique wine in Saint-Pey-D'Armens that is receiving high acclaim from wine critics across the globe. This chateau has recently been promoted to Grand Cru Classe status in the new Saint Emilion Classification of 2012 - a remarkable achievement for a small chateau that has only been producing wines for a decade and a half!

The vineyard is a 4 acre plot of unique soil with the added rarity of having 100 year old vines. The soil is sand and clay layers over limestone and clinker sub soil – the only complex mixture known to exist in Saint Emilion – which Jean-François says contributes to the finesse of the tannins.

Mathlide Wine BottleJean-François has the reputation of being a perfectionist. He was a skilful cabinet maker by trade until he married Véronique, whose parents were wine makers. Jean-François became interested in wine making himself and painstakingly investigated the terroir around him, analysing those that he thought had great potential. There is an old carpenter's saying: “Measure twice and cut once” and this applies to Jean-François. His absolute attention to detail – no matter how small – has enabled him to make great wine.

The winery at Château La Fleur Morange has been designed specially with unique temperature controlled vats which eliminate cold spots. The barrels are installed on a balcony in the chai high above the ground where malo-lactic fermentation can take place naturally.

Wine Style

Mathilde is made from 100% Merlot and is opulent, well structured and rich. The wine has notes of cherries, blueberries, chocolate, plum and earth. Mathilde is an easy drinking wine and is approachable when young. It is well balanced and concentrated.

Owner: Jean-François and Véronique Julien
Oenologist: Claude Gros / Jean-François Julien