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Château Bellevue

Classification: Grand Cru Classé

Chateau BellevueChâteau Bellevue is an ancient property and belonged to the Lacaze family from 1642 until it was sold to Louis Horeau, owner of the historic negotiant house of Horeau-Beylot, in 1938. The Château sits in a park on the hilltop which dominates the whole valley below it and the vineyards stretch away from it on south/ south west facing slopes. It is this magnificent view that gives the Château its name – Beautiful View. The château neighbours the First Growths Châteaux Beausejour-Bécot, Beausejour Duffau and Angelus.

For many years Château Bellevue remained in the background of its peers but in 2000 the owners of Château Bellevue asked Nicolas Thienpont to take over the management of the Château. Since then the rise in the quality of the wines has been dynamic. In 2007Chateau Angélus acquired a 50% share in the company. This was motivated not only by the proximity of the 2 châteaux but also because of Bellevue's exceptional terroir.

The 14 acre vineyards of Château Bellevue lie on chalks rich in magnesium and iron which contains quite a high percentage of clay. These quality clays, with a delicately layered structure, become chalkier closer to the summit. Closer to the bottom the level of chalk in the soil diminishes. Lower again, the soils are sandy with little chalk and therefore more acidic. This diversity of soils and their variety of terroirs all contribute to the complexity of the wines produced by Château Bellevue. The grapes grown are 80 % Merlot and 20 % Cabernet Franc.

Wine Style

Bellevue's wines are rich and luscious with aromas of spice, raspberry, minerals, black cherries and blossoms. They are well structured and are made with finesse – ageing well and having a velvety opulence.

Owners: Pradel de Lavaux family and Château Angelus
Oenologist: S Derenoncourt