Wines – St Emilion

Château Bellefont Belcier

Classification: Grand Cru Classé

Vines growing in a fieldChâteau Bellefont Belcier dates back to the 17th century. Count Louis François de Belcier founded the vineyard on the southern slopes of Saint Emilion between Châteaux Pavie and Larcis Ducasse in the commune of Saint Laurent de Combes. The Count built the Château in 1803 and named it Bellefont (Beautiful Fountain) after the many springs rising from the chalky clay slopes. In 1889, the château passed into the hands of the Faure family. Pierre Faure was a brilliant agricultural engineer and author of many drainage works and other agricultural improvements and built the famous circular vat which is one of the jewels of the property today. Nowadays Château Bellefont Belcier is owned by 3 associates: Jacques Berrebi, Alain Laguillaumie and Dominique Hebrard (former co-owner of Château Cheval Blanc).

The vineyards of Château Bellefont Belcier cover 49 acres and lie on 3 different types of soil which are mainly chalky clays. The grapes grown are 70% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wine Style

The wines of Château Bellefont Belcier are elegant and aromatic with notes of cherry, blackcurrant, liquorice, minerals, blossoms spice and wood smoke. They are full bodied, concentrated and have great ageing potential.

Owner: J Berrebi, A Laguillaumie and D Hebrard
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Oenologist: Pauquet / Rolland