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Château La Conseillante

Classification: Grand Cru

La Conseillante LabelChâteau La Conseillante can trace its history back to 1735 and has been in the hands of the Nicolas family since 1871. La Conseillante is one of the leading Pomerol châteaux. La Conseillante's vineyards are located on a plateau in eastern Pomerol on the boundary with the St Emilion appellation and border those of Château Cheval Blanc.

La Conseillante takes its name from an enterprising woman - Catherine Conseillan - a metal dealer based in Libourne. She established the vineyard originally as a share-cropping project, a system in which tenants work the land in return for a proportion of the harvest. By 1756 the project had expanded and the wine was christened La Conseillante. It was at this point that Conseillan took full control of the estate, thus securing its future as one of Pomerol's most important viticultural properties. The Nicolas family bought the Château in 1871 and remain there to this day. They have worked dedicatedly for over 130 years to preserve the character of La Conseillante whilst maintaining its quality.

The vineyards of Château La Conseillante cover 29 acres and lie on gravel mixed with clay and with deposits of iron. The vineyards have remained unchanged since 1871 anconseillante2.jpgd have enabled La Conseillante to retain its exceptional character. The grapes grown are 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. Cabernet-Franc makes the wine refreshing, complex and with its own personal qualities.

Wine Style

The wines of Château La Conseillante are very stylish, silky smooth clarets with aromas of violets with hints of coffee and vanilla. They are well balanced and opulent wines with the taste of rich ripe fruits such as cherry, plum and blackcurrant. They age well and continue to develop in the bottle.

Owner: The Nicolas Family
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Oenologist: G Pauquet