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Château Lascombes

Classification: Second Growth (2ème Cru)

Chateau LascombesChâteau Lascombes is one of the largest estates in the Médoc and probably the most fragmented, with around 40 or so different parcels of vines spread throughout the Margaux appellation. The Château was originally owned by the Durfort de Duras family who owned large amounts of the Médoc since the 12th century.

The estate was divided and 2 Châteaux were created – Château Durfort Vivens and Château Lascombes. There are 2 stories to how the Château got its name – one theory is that was from Antoine, Chevalier de Lascombes who owned the Château is the 1600s and the other is that the name comes from the French “la côte” meaning “height” as the Château is situated on the highest knoll of Margaux.

Château Lascombes has had its share of famous owners – in 1855 it was owned by Chaix d'Est-Ange who was a general under Napoleon III who rose to fame by wining the Suez Canal case for France against Egypt. In 1952 Château Lascombes was purchased by the French wine writer Alexis Lichine and a syndicate of American investors that included David Rockefeller. At the same time, Lichine also purchased Château Prieurè Lichine, also in Margaux.

In 2001, the château was purchased by the US based Colony Capital with the entrepreneur Yves Vatelot. They have invested heavily in the property and currently Lascombes employs Michel Rolland as consultant of oenology. Château Lascombes vineyards cover 207 acres and has 3 types of soil: clay limestone, clay gravel and gravel. The grapes are grown in the soil best suited to their type and are 50% Merlot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Petit Verdot.

Wine Style

Château Lascombes produces elegant, well balanced clarets, rich in blackcurrant fruits with aromas of cedar and violets. The wine is soft, creamy and supple. They age well and continue to develop complexity and depth whilst doing so – they are ready for drinking after 8 years.

Owner: Colony Capital
Château Website:
Oenologist: M Rolland