About Interest in Wine

Nick StephensInterest In Wine Ltd was founded over a decade ago and specialises in the purchase and sale of Bordeaux's finest wines. Our reputation is based on honest and informed advice, excellence of service and expertise in the field. We sell to both private customers wishing to start or add to their wine cellars, to other companies in our field and to those who wish to invest in wine.

Our wines are stored at Octavian Vaults and Vinothèque Wine Cellars. Octavian Vaults have been delivering storage and logistics for 20 years and the are the world's leading fine wine storage facility. The vaults lie 100 feet below the hills of Wiltshire and are encased in solid Bath stone and are an ideal facility for the cellaring of fine wine. Vinothèque Wine Cellars is housed in a 19th century Victorian grade II industrial building in Burton Upon Trent originally constructed for the housing of grain for the local brewery. Its metre-thick, red brick walls ensure a constant and steady temperature, cool enough to ensure the wine within remains unaffected by the fluctuating weather patterns that affect the outside world.

Nick Stephens

Owner and Founder
Prud'homme de la Jurade de Saint Emilion (Counsellor)

Nick StephensNick is a respected wine expert with over 30 years of experience. He was awarded the Prud'homme de la Jurade de Saint Emilion in 2007 for his work with the great châteaux and vineyards of St Emilion. A devotee of the wines of Bordeaux, Nick has many years of insider knowledge and an array of châteaux owners, courtiers and negotiants that he does business with.

The Jurade de Saint Emilion is an ancient brotherhood of wine which dates back precisely to 8th July 1199, when King John of England (and brother to Richard the Lionheart) confirmed the rights of the burghers of Saint Emilion to administer their town and the freedoms and privileges that accompanied them.

Wine being a major concern of this monastic city, the Jurade controlled the production and consumption of wine as it controlled everything else. It oversaw the production of "fine" wines, kept the iron that branded every single barrel, combated fraud and abusive practices and destroyed wine that was judged unworthy of the name.

The current Jurade takes its inspiration from the charges and priveleges granted over the centuries. Every year, it proclaims the "Jugement du Vin Nouveau" on the third Sunday in June and the "Ban des Vendanges" (the start of the harvesting) on the third Sunday in September. All over the world it organizes tastings and induction ceremonies for the greater glory and prosperity of the wines of Saint Emilion. Several chancelleries have been opened abroad: London and York in England, in Flanders and Wallonia for Belgium and in Texas for the whole of North America.